Complementary Medicine

Using a holistic approach, we aim to support western medicine practices while doing more than just masking the symptoms.

Nearly forty percent of Americans use health care approaches developed outside of mainstream Western medicine to treat specific conditions or promote overall well-being. Complementary medicine generally refers to using a non-mainstream approach together with conventional medicine. The boundaries between the two approaches overlap and change with time.

At Forever Caring, we believe that a full-body approach can be the most beneficial for the healing process. Depending on the condition, with the care of a licensed professional, alternative medicine can offer healing by treating the cause rather than the symptoms. We offer alternative medicine doctors as a supplementary approach to caring for the overall treatment of a client.

It is important for us to offer services that we can stand behind as health care professionals. All of our alternative clinicians are state certified as Eastern Medical Physicians and in some cases specialize in both Western and Eastern medicine. Alternative medicine can be a powerful life changing endeavor, which is now available in your home by our trained professionals.

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